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Experienced screenwriter available for preventive or social short or feature film projects with powerful messages.
Announcement: Experienced screenwriter available for preventive or social short or feature film projects with powerful messages Are you looking for a talented, committed screenwriter to bring your preventative or social film project to life? Look no further! I'm Souleymane Boel, an international award-winning screenwriter, and I'm ready to put my expertise to work for you. With a solid background in screenwriting and several of my works already recognized worldwide, I understand the importance of conveying powerful messages through the power of cinema. I firmly believe that cinema can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, inspiring and bringing about positive change in society. As a screenwriter, I specialize in creating stories that tackle social problems, preventative issues or current affairs. Whether for a short film or a feature, I'm committed to developing captivating scripts that provoke thought and encourage dialogue. My passion for writing is reflected in my previous projects, which have won international awards for their quality and impact. I'm ready to bring this same quality of writing to your project, ensuring that the message you want to convey is clearly expressed through a solid narrative and authentic characters. I'm open to collaborating with talented directors, committed producers and passionate creative teams who share my vision of creating meaningful cinematic works. Together, we can create a lasting impact and contribute to positive ch

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ProtectRite: A solution to protect your scenarios
ProtectRite is an online service that provides confidential, time-sealed registration of original works, intellectual property and archives to clients worldwide. Since its inception in 1994, ProtectRite has established itself as a trusted, unbiased third party that offers the security of long-term storage and proof of completion of registered materials. ProtectRite registration is not limited to original works, but also extends to wills and valuable possessions. For example, customers can store their wills for secure distribution to designated beneficiaries in the event of death, and register their valuable possessions to simplify insurance claims in the event of loss or theft. ProtectRite offers several affordable subscription options that allow for easy registration of all your intellectual property. Subscription plans are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and cost between $14.95 and $89.95 per year. ProtectRite also offers a one-time permanent registration option for a single intellectual property for $39.95. ProtectRite offers world-class encryption security, ensuring that all information is kept private and secure. Customer information is never shared with third parties without their permission, and only customers can access their information and request copies of registered materials. ProtectRite offers a registration for any original work, will or possession. Upon receipt, the work is immediately encrypted and placed in long-term storage, with

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