The Necronomicon chronicles : part 1
Monica Croen is an 18 year old high school senior. She is also a youtuber and hosts a channel specialized in the research of old manuscripts and grimoires on magic. She tells their history and tries to get them. She also restores those she recovers in bad condition, or even reconstitutes them from scratch. Intrigued by a comment about the Necronomicon, left under one of her videos, a manuscript that she considers to be fictional and invented by the novelist H.P. Lovecraft, she meets Falco, the Internet user who left her the message. He brings her the first proof of the existence of the Book of the Dead. He explains to her that it was in the hands of one of her ancestors and that since then, her whole family has been under an evil spell whose ultimate outcome will be dramatic. His only hope is to get his hands on the book to break the curse. Monica, fascinated by the idea of being able to get her hands on the most dangerous manuscript on the planet, begins an investigation and follows the trail of the cursed manuscript by questioning the people around Falco. Each of them brings her more and more disturbing information that will allow her to reconstitute the history of the family line and its link with the Book of the Dead like a puzzle, while getting closer to the book. The more her investigation progresses, the more she feels the anguish and the horror invading her. In the mythology of the cursed grimoire, the Book of the Dead is considered dangerous, because no o

François d′Hervilly - 02/11/2022
The Faded Day is an epic historical drama. The feature film is inspired by a true story from the mid-19th century in the kingdom of Dahomey. Its central theme is Life and Humanity. When the slave king, OSEJIE du DAHOMEY, kills his father, a young, lucid and bitter hunter swears to kill the immortal protected by fearsome Amazons. OGUNDELE is a hunter in his thirties, raised by his father OGUNDEJI, after the capture of his mother and his older sister SEREME, when he was two years old. For OGUNDEJI, the strength of a man does not lie in his muscles, but in his ability to anticipate the future. A dramatic question or mystery is: How does OGUNDELE manage to kill OSEJIE, the immortal king, motivated by fantasy and ego? No achievement can justify human sacrifice for power and immortality. But internally, OGUNDELE is motivated by revenge, the need for security and dignity, until he discovers the meaning of brotherhood, the sacred need to celebrate life over death, love over hate. With this project we intend to visit the past of our kingdoms and recreate the present for a better future of our nations. We say: no one can build a strong kingdom or nation by despising humanity. Two original pieces of music describe the film. The first is used in Dahomey to praise a powerful and immortal king. The second is used by the Yoruba hunters to implore the iron god, OGUN, when launching the hunt. In terms of chases, fights, cinematography, style, light and music, we draw inspiration from

Jacob Abiodoun - 02/09/2022

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