Cyd Priscille Nyeck Bayiha
Jeremiah Johnstone
Mirko Pezzotti
Bashir Ndiaye
Rose Amoussou
Yacoub Kone
David Esposto
Étienne Chaillou
Sami Soltani
Saeid Zakizadeh

Weendy Merline Gabriel
Prisca Razakamanana
Fettah Bolina
Kirifki Nurfatoni
Danial Khodaei
Alexia Lopez
Mtro. Rodrigo E. Torres Orozco N.


Research Scriptwriter CM
Search scriptwriter 12/06/2024
Hello, I'm looking to develop a second short film and collaborate with a scriptwriter. The themes are loneliness, waiting, a bit of...

Designer wanted for manga publishing house
Search cartoonist 11/06/2024
Hello I'm looking for a manga artist for my editorial project, for a publishing house, thank you for the answer.

Proofreader - Co-screenwriter
Search scriptwriter 09/06/2024
As a freelance editor, writer and scriptwriter, I'm happy to offer you a range of services in the fields of proofreading and writing support...

War secret
Search producer 06/06/2024
Hello, I'm a beginner who's been wanting to write for a long time. I've been going from page to page with the pleasure of seeing this story...

Need a scriptwriter for your projects?
Services 06/06/2024
Do you need a professional screenwriter for a short film, feature film or any other format? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your...

script doctor
Search script doctor 02/06/2024
Hello everyone, If you have a project (short film, feature film, TV series, novel adaptation, etc.) and would like to create and/or...

short film on AI
Search scriptwriter 31/05/2024
Hello, as part of my studies in Grenoble, I'm looking for a screenwriter who would be willing to volunteer to write a script about AIs for a...

Jackpoto (comedy)
Search producer 28/05/2024
Title: Jackpoto - An Unforgettable Adventure Genre: Comedy / Adventure Logline : Three childhood friends from the Paris suburbs find...

Search scriptwriter 28/05/2024
Hello, I'm looking for a screenwriter based in the Paris region to write a fantastic romantic comedy. I'd like to meet someone with an...

Defence of hope
Search producer 27/05/2024
Dear Film Producers,** Dear Film Producers,** Dear Film Producers,** Dear Film Producers,** Dear Film Producers,** Dear Film Producers,**...

Production wanted
Search collaborator 27/05/2024
Seeking production for thriller and drama genre projects related to current issues. To view synopses write here or to...

Search for a producer
Search producer 25/05/2024
With an original screenplay based on a published novel: "Un monde sous influence", we are looking for a producer.

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