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Hello, I have been working on a script for several months (or even years), my ultimate project :D. I wish that the scenario is adapted in manga, for info I am a former draftsman dreaming to be mangaka when I was young, I gave up my dream but I still wish to try something, so for the drawing, I wish a style of drawing enough clean, however, I wish to take care of the Chara design of the main characters (already made for the most part), which can be reworked according to the style and if I like it. No deadline, I explain the goal, I don't want for the moment to approach any publishing house (or in this case just to take advices on scenario if there is a potential), I want the work to be available on Webtoon and/or on Youtube, I plan to create maybe a channel in connection with this manga. Very complicated to find a drawer without being able to pay the artist, because in the first time, I wish it is an association, the drawer will be able to propose the change of certain elements or new ideas, level chara design, scenario, and of course, the drawer will be the owner of the work also. Otherwise, I would take the choice to pay the designer, but there he will not have the hand put on any aspect of the manga, and if the project works (we never know), will not be able to enjoy the profit that the manga can generate, I do not pretend to say that it will be a hit, I do not know, but I remain quite ambitious, without taking my head, the goal is to enjoy and make the reade

Gary Gaara - 16/05/2023
Comic book project: Jim Crow
Hello, I have been a comic book artist for a very long time. With a lot of stories in my drawers and, at the same time, a project on my hands, I thought that I would never have the time to do everything. So, the idea came to me to ask for help to a cartoonist who could take in hand one of my stories. Hoping that someone might like this concept, I'll tell you a few lines about it: Title : JIM CROW One shot (56 pages). Graphic style : It doesn't matter, as long as I like it. Pitch: Pulaski, Tennesse, the town that saw the birth of the Ku Klux klan on December 24, 1865. 2023. For two days, the population has been in turmoil: a retired deputy mayor, Gareth Mac Cord, 79 years old, has been brutally murdered in his home, late at night. On the forehead of the corpse, an inscription engraved with a knife: Jim Crow. Thinking they were dealing with a madman, the authorities soon realized that they were far from the truth when other murders occurred. Especially since the victims all belonged to the most famous racist sect in the world: the Ku Klux Klan. Is it a personal vendetta or an open war against the racist organization? Either way, these events are about to stir up old grudges and spark race riots all over the USA. Two special agents from the FBI (William Schenker and Marilyn Hendrix) are dispatched to the scene to help the local police, who are completely overwhelmed. The story is fully written, the first 6 plates are also cut (enough to constitute a publi

- - - 11/04/2023
Collaboration on various projects
Hello, I'm looking for a draftsman/draftswoman to collaborate on different projects. I'm not looking for any particular drawing, but I'm not into rough or caricatured lines. Nevertheless, to give you an idea of what I like in pictures, there are : Comics : Mélusine ; Angela (Vatine - Pecqueur - Rabarot) ; Atlante - L'odyssée (Crisse - Evana) Of course, I also like the Smurfs or Cédric, but I don't think I have any stories that could fit in this style of drawing. Manga : Naruto ; Radiant ; Attack of the titans ; Parasite ; In these Words ; Happy mariage?! ; Say I love you ; Arte ; A silence Voice ... And many others. Webtoon/Smartoon : The Boxer (Appli Webtoon) ; Mademoiselle Lapine et le grand méchant Léopard (Appli Piccoma) ; Here u are (Appli Webtoon) ; La vilaine à besoin d'un tyran ; Traditions d'Olympus (Appli Webtoon) ; Like Wind on a Dry Branch (Appli Webtoon) ; As you can see, I have a wide variety of reading choices both in terms of design and story. Even if on the Webtoon/Smartoon level we regularly find the same thing. I have a very fertile and heterogeneous imagination, but a talent for drawing that borders on the ridiculous. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind sharing the tasks and a critical opinion on the scenario. As I said, I'm looking for a collaboration that could become a beautiful friendship too! I want to make sure that the projects sell, but if we have to share it for free on the internet first, I have no problem with that. My goal

Sandrine Chatard - 29/08/2022

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