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I have the scripts. Looking for a producer.
I have three scenarios. The first scenario is titled "Caution: bad dog." It tells the story of an affair between a teacher and a student. The boy gradually falls into more and more jealousy towards the woman. He is able to do anything towards the woman, which can be seen in the strongly surprising ending. The second scenario is titled "Parabola of Psychosis." The scenario has many metaphors and surreal themes. It begins with a trip on a plane that crashes on a deserted island. On the spot all the adults die the only living people are teenagers. The group chooses a boss who, together with his friends, exploits the others. The main character rebels and leaves the group. He is joined by Martina. In the first few days the couple makes the cave into an apartment. Within a few days Martyna cuts her leg. Then in the scenario I show various events affecting the psyche of the heroes, such as the main character's accusation of the murder of two classmates, the attack of wild animals on the students, the death of the rest of the class by drinking salt water, visions and dreams of the hero duo, a suicide attempt, etc. The heroes build a boat on which they collect supplies and decide to escape from the island. At sea they are spotted by Moorish pirates, who take them on board. On it, the couple murders the pirates for attempting to rape the girl. Eventually the heroes are rescued. They return to Poland, where the main character professes love to the girl, which she rejects. They bot

- - - 09/10/2023
Tour d′ivoire the musical.
Hello, I'm a Belgian screenwriter looking for producers. The project is a rap musical that aims to show the difficulties that young people face in their daily lives and to raise awareness of the suffering endured by people from so-called difficult social backgrounds. For further information, please contact me on +320468371066 or [email protected]. I'll send you the scripts for the clips and the rap lyrics that are the lungs of this creation. Scenario: A young man is in his ( ivory tower ) housing estate writing rap lyrics. He looks out of the window onto his street. The moment he meets their eyes, he starts rapping. Mounir followed by Fares and then Juce, Lyas and Vacili. The story is filmed in black and white, with an interlude of the young man watching Abbé Pierre's speech. The window looks out onto a square where the 5 characters are standing. Fares is sitting on a folding chair underneath a house, trafficking drugs. Mounir is on the ground, panhandling after taking his drugs from Farès. At his window, we can see Juce on the street, who looks unwell and is on his way home. Below, we see Lyas on a sportbike, dressed in trademark straight-laced clothing, starting his engine. Not far away, Vacili can be seen in his car with a prostitute. Interaction between the characters and the ivory tower actor at the start of each clip. Mounir picks up a gram from Fares and says, "You're giving me credit, I'm broke. Fares replies, "Here's a conveni

Nassim Zouhair - 11/06/2023
Producer Search for Crack Preventive Project
Producer Search for Crack Preventive Project Attention : Synopsis Crack-road Project title: Crack-road Dear Producer I am looking for a producer to carry out an important preventive project concerning the scourge of crack cocaine. The project, entitled "Crack-road", will highlight the devastating consequences of this drug and aim to raise public awareness of the dangers it poses, particularly for vulnerable people such as migrants. Synopsis "Crack-road" tells the story of Ali, a young Eritrean who flees his native Asmara to escape an oppressive political regime. After a difficult journey, he arrives in France with the hope of a better life. However, he finds himself confronted with a reality far removed from his expectations. On a freezing winter's night, after hiding in a goods truck, he lands in a drug-ravaged neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Paris. Drug dealers thrive there, targeting migrants in transit, offering them free drug samples to trap them and expand their clientele. Ali, who finds himself homeless and destitute, becomes easy prey for these dealers. His struggle to get by in this ruthless world becomes the focus of the story. Our main aim is to highlight the mechanisms by which crack dealers are recruited and exploited, and the dramatic consequences this has for individuals and communities. We also want to offer a glimmer of hope by showing how Ali, despite the difficulties, finds the strength to stand up and fight against this dest

souleymane boel - 07/06/2023

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