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- 30/08/2023
Cannes and Tribeca nominated comedienne Seeking a Screenwriter Interested in Working with an Outlier
I'm looking for a creative, open-minded and innovative screenwriter to write a short film in which I would play the lead. I played the lead in a film produced by Matthieu Kassovitz, which went to the Cannes and Tribeca Film Festivals. I've also played in Luc Besson's VALERIAN and in other film and TV appearances. But my reason for looking for someone here is that there aren't any roles available for very big women like me, and I'm interested in creating a short film that could then be submitted to various short film competitions, etc. I have a strong social media following. I have a strong social media following (if that's meaningful to you), and I have contacts that could be useful once the project is complete, but what I'm currently looking for is someone who is able to work with me to come up with a powerful and moving script that will both showcase my acting abilities, and move an audience. I've never sought anyone out in this way, but because the mainstream media more or less eradicates anyone my size, the opportunities I have to act are so rare, and more often than not, they don't turn out to make fun of my size or hold to stereotypes about it either, I have to be proactive and find open-minded, intelligent people who will not only be up for the challenge but are delighted to do it. As I've never done this before, please let me know your thoughts and how you work when you get in touch. Thank you very much!

Velvet d′Amour - 01/01/2020

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