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Teaser - Projet Pictural
Hello, my name is Antonio Laporta. I've been working on a unique painting project based on abstraction since I was 20. Today, I'm 26 and the project is reaching maturity. This fundamental research project could have repercussions in several fields: artistic, philosophical, mathematical and psychological. I have designed and written the algorithm that will enable me to take my research to the next level, and this will involve developing an image processing program. We need about 6,000 euros and are looking to convince potential investors. With this in mind, I'm planning to make a video to present the project, showcase the path I've taken so far, and demonstrate the need for such an approach. I'm currently working with a video editor and we're looking for an ambitious scriptwriter to help us create a little audiovisual masterpiece. For the time being, this work is unpaid. Because what we're looking for above all is a new collaborator, ready to accompany us on this adventure. Once the project is up and running, we'll have a unique artistic proposition at our disposal, and we'll be launching a communications campaign, exhibitions and videos designed to share the message with as many people as possible. Here's a glimpse of the first model I created with the means at my disposal (Imovie). I've since reworked the structure of the video to include a narrative axis tracing the evolution of the project. Other videos are available on my youtube channel. https://www.youtub

Antonio Laporta - 06/06/2023

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