Whether you're a film buff, an aspiring screenwriter or simply curious about the art of cinematic storytelling, the Ciné MasterClass is a new writing course featuring twice-weekly face-to-face sessions. dedicated to transforming your film ideas into real, market-ready scripts. The objectives of this course: - Distinguish between an idea and a story with potential. - Master the art of narrative structure. - Create memorable characters and develop intense scenes. Write an effective treatment and start your first draft. The program: Simple idea or movie-worthy story. DAY 1: From idea to story potential - Introduction: The difference between a simple idea and a story with potential. - Reviewing submitted projects: Judging their viability as a screenplay. - Brainstorming techniques: Transforming an "idea" into a film-worthy project. DAY 2: Creating the logline & Basic narrative structure - The importance of a solid logline and how to use it to test the narrative strength of a film idea. - Practical: Writing and refining a logline for participants' projects. - Introduction to basic narrative structure: What makes a story work? The art of script structure DAY 3: Simplifying the 3-act structure - In-depth exploration: The classic 3-act structure and its role in storytelling. - Visualizing your story: How the 3 acts fit together, like interlocking Russian dolls. DAY 4: Act 1** workshop - Unpacking Act 1: Setting the scene, introducing c

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ScriptDock, training for screenwriters in Germany
ScriptDock is an innovative online platform that allows aspiring screenwriters and professionals in film and television to develop their screenwriting skills and share their experiences with a community of peers. Based on the principle of learning by doing and sharing, ScriptDock offers training and workshops adapted to different levels of experience and different storytelling formats. The ScriptDock community meets monthly in live video calls, where participants present their projects and get to know their colleagues. These live meetings often provide constructive feedback and support from other members. The dates of the video calls are listed in the site calendar. ScriptDock offers specific training programs for series and film writers, with writing exercises adapted to each format. Participants are encouraged to explore their creative world, define the tone of their work, create main characters and develop central conflicts. The writing exercises are designed to be completed in approximately 6 hours per week, and participants are free to organize their time as they wish. One of the most innovative aspects of ScriptDock is its approach to tone. Participants have access to a training program focused on mastering tone in different genres, such as drama, suspense and humor. Readings and practical exercises are provided to explore and practice mastering the specific tones of each genre. To encourage the reading and analysis of contemporary screenplays, ScriptDock pr

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Serial Eyes: 9 months of full-time series writing training in Berlin
Serial Eyes is a full-time course based in Berlin at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) from September to May. It includes a study trip to another European city and a visit to the Séries Mania festival in Lille. Costing 4500 euros, it can be financed by a MEDIA - Creative Europe grant. Participants must be available and present full-time for the duration of the program. Candidates from all countries can apply, although more places are reserved for scriptwriters from the European Union and some partner countries. You must have 1 to 3 years of professional experience as a screenwriter and have written at least one episode for a serial format for a TV channel or platform. Applicants should enter the program with several ideas for original television or web series that could be developed during the program. A high level of spoken and written English is essential. Applications are open until May 8, 2023 at 10pm. Documents needed for applications: Detailed CV Personal letter of motivation Analysis of a scripted television series: emotional arc of the main character, the arena (time and place), the main conflict(s), the structure of the series (max. number of characters 3800) 2 potential TV series concepts you would like to develop at Serial Eyes (max. number of characters 2200-2500 each) A complete script (feature film, TV series or comedy) in English. If no English script is available, you may submit a complete script in its o

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