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siyabonga madela

siyabonga madela

Personal note : " Strong Winds based on a true narration of a young man who grew up in dreadful circumstances, without parents or relatives. Who had never rest or enjoy any share of life, entirely. Whatever he tries will turns to catastrophe. Despite the fact that his life was misery, he never gives up trying. He enjoyed mobilizing the youth against crime; also assist them to participate in educational and uplifting activities. His community was very proud of him. His previous vulnerability in combat training and engagement in crimes, attracts groups of gangsters to persuades him to joins them. He forever stands firm. His oath to himself and to the youth that he will never be part of outlaw activities get lost, without warning when his step father, who has never appreciates him or thing he does, chases him away. He finds himself carrying out even worse crimes and youngsters he has been helping out also adopts his pattern. He dragging the very same people he has been concerned about their future into crime. When they tries to escape, it was too late for every.

Born in 1976

durban Afrique du Sud

Languages : english