Goldy Mapoba

Goldy Mapoba

MJ Aetherizia: The Coming of Razor Edge In a dystopian future, the city of Aetherizia is under the yoke of absolute rule by the Divine. Ethan Vanspeener, aka Razor Edge, a mysterious outlaw, rises up to challenge the ruling power. Armed with courage and determination, he attempts to overthrow the oppressive regime and free the city from its grip. In his quest for freedom, he must navigate fragile alliances, dark secrets and powerful forces that seek to destroy him. Dive into a dark world where rebellion is rising and discover if Ethan Vanspeener, aka Razor Edge, can change the fate of Aetherizia.

Born in 2001

libreville Gabon

les gardiens de la Galaxie 1,2,3 , star wars , mortal engines , mes réalisateurs préféré sont Ryan Coogler, les frères Russo, Zack snyder et James Gunn


Favorite genres

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