Wherever his nomadism takes him, the narrator shares language, traditions and daily life with the people. He revises on the ground, thanks to the campaign notebooks of his paternal grandfather, the emergence of the State of Lebanon following the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire; puts his steps in those of his father within the Corps franc Pommiès in resistance, reconquest of the territory and on the march to deliver Berlin; lived through the events of Algeria with his parents in the Sahara; observed the independence of African countries, the collapse of the communist bloc, interventionism, and the resurgence of nationalism; observed the revival of religion in France and in Black Africa, and the worldwide expansion of communitarianism; and experienced territorial conflicts. He witnessed the profound technological changes that introduced imbalances on a global and individual scale.

written by Philippe SAUBADINE
- 2018

Writing stage : Synopsis

Production : Not yet completed


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