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Seeking scriptwriter, editor, screenwriter for feature film project.
Search scriptwriter 27/03/2023
Hello, My name is Ashley. I'm looking for one or more people to help or guide me in developing a script. You can also take part in the...

Illustrator and designer
Services 27/03/2023
Offer my services. I offer my services as an illustrator / designer. Collaboration possible. I can make semi realistic and manga. I...

Short film writer seeks producer, actors, musicians
Search producer 23/03/2023
I'm not going to self-spoil myself ;)... Yes? Well, I write and propose to producers, actors and musical artists scripts for short-medium...

Serial Eyes: 9 months of full-time series writing training in Berlin
Training 22/03/2023
Serial Eyes is a full-time course based in Berlin at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) from September to May. It includes...

I offer my services as an illustrator
Recruiting 22/03/2023
I can draw for you at a Pro level illustrations of any kind, covers, posters, storyboards, comics... Prices are negotiable depending on...

How to protect my script
Questions 21/03/2023
To protect your script, it is not necessary to proceed to administrative steps. Indeed, the article L. 111-1 of the code of the intellectual...

Search cartoonist for erotic comics
Search cartoonist 20/03/2023
I'm looking for a cartoonist to put into images (and phylacteries) a scenario of erotic comic strip. The story is based on a traditional...

Script-doctoring offer (1st call free)
Search script doctor 19/03/2023
Hello, Clara, 30 years old, happy to offer my advice as a reader-editor in order to deepen and strengthen your scripts. My CV: - DEUG...