500 Scenarios Cinéma


1. LA VOCATION Mais qui est cette Judith Salomé ? Son histoire commence à Paris, dans le quartier parisien du Pont Notre Dame, le 15 mai 1643, date à laquelle elle est baptisée. Elle est fille d'un peintre de portraits et de natures mortes prénommé Jacques. Très tôt, elle montre des prédispositions artistiques affirmées. Son père, lié à la confrérie de Saint Germain des Prés où les artistes des anciens Pays-Bas étaient nombreux, lui enseigne certains rudiments, puis, peut-être, le peintre de natures mortes et marchand de tableaux Pieter van Meyel, que Marie Granier, mère de Judith, épouse en seconde noces. 2. L'ATELIER Judith à été très tôt une artiste prolifique, dont la production, peut-être grâce au commerce de son beau-père, était appréciée, puisqu'on sait que Charles Ier d'Angleterre avait acquis cinq de ses oeuvres. La majorité des tableaux signés de sa main date de la période 1662-1675, qui semble avoir été la plus féconde, même si son activité s'est poursuivie au moins jusqu'en 1685. En 1665, elle ouvre son atelier aux autres femmes qui veulent étudier la peinture. Ceci est tout à fait exceptionnel à cette époque. Il paraît qu'un grand nombre d'hommes se serait rendu chez elle pour admirer de leurs propres yeux la légendaire beauté de Judith. Cette activité, soutenue et couronnée de succès, lui vaut, en 1673, d'être nommée, peintre ordinaire du roi, charge qui lui assurent une certaine aisance financière. 3. LE DESTIN En 1678, Judith se marie avec le marchand de tableaux protestant Philippe Talmière de Sancy, dont elle aura deux enfants. Mais des jours sombres s'annoncent pour les sectateurs de la « religion prétendue réformée », comme on disait à l'époque. En 1685, Louis XIV révoque l'Édit de Nantes et ne leur laisse le choix qu'entre la conversion et l'exil. En 1686, le mari de Louise est emprisonné, puis un de ses enfants est contraint à l'abjuration tandis que les deux autres s'enfuient à Londres. Judith Salomé, qui a atteint l'âge de 42 ans, après la mort de son mari, rencontre de graves difficultés financières. Elle doit se convertir au catholicisme pour échapper aux persécutions dont sont victimes les protestants et pour éviter que les biens qui lui restent soient confisqués.

Fashion Kills

Lea Chambers gets killed during her first fashion show but will have to find who did it to move on.

The end of a Fashion Show, a girl in her mid-twenties, Lea walks out from behind the curtains closing off the backstage area. She walks down the catwalk to face the photographers, TV crew and reporters along with fashion fans massing before the stage. She takes the flowers handed out to her. Smiling, she waves, thanks everyone and leaves the stage with the models. The show is a success. Her headache being so intense, the now famous fashion designer takes a few minutes alone in her makeshift office. She eats a few chocolates, takes pain medication for her head, drinks some bottled water and drops dead. Forensic Investigators retrace the evening and try to identify the killer. They question everyone present that may have a motive, bag evidences. They dig in her past to find a jealous co-worker willing to kill for success and fame. We'll retrace her chance beginning as a seamstress's helper for the summer that turns out to be a real passion for her. She pushes her new passion further, takes the pattern making classes, begins to draw and designs some beautiful creations on her own time. Making friends with one of the teacher at the House of Couture, she pushes forward, working hard and late at night when she should be sleeping and resting. The lab and coroner will identify the murder weapon: Arsenic Crystals. A few weeks before Fashion Week in Paris, the Head Designer, falls hill all of a sudden. His creations cannot be presented. They need a replacement, naturally everyone thinks that Lea's teacher will be chosen, she has talent and experience. To everyone's surprise, the owner of Doré Couture chooses Lea's designs to be presented. She has seen how hard Lea is working and recognizes the dedication and passion she has for her work. As the investigation moves forward, clues will surface linking the sick designer to the killer with traces of Arsenic having been found in his blood samples. Eventually, the investigators will find how the poison was given to Lea and to the Top designer in the hospital, why and by whom. Case solved!

The Immortals - Story of Eve

An Immortal, Eve, fights for her life and freedom.

The Immortals - Story of Eve *Set in the year 2239 at a time where Earth has suffered the worst of it climatic changes. The leaders have united their efforts to save the human race forming an organisation grouping the world's great leader: The NUW (New United World) and established colonies on the surface of Mars. A car drives on a country road outside of the Prague. Eve a 272 years old Immortal, heads out to a reception with her young lover, Olivier. In the car heading there, she warns Olivier to trust no one and to beware of other conning games picking his curiosity. Leaving the party, Eve promises to divulge to Olivier why she has fled to Prague with him the night they have met and why she was so suspicious to receive an invitation to a party in a country she knew no one. Back and safe in their Prague apartment, she begins to reveal a little about her past. The following evening, their host from the previous night, Dominic Velasquez pays them a visit. He wants to know where Eve's maker is. Why she is with another? What has happened to him? Naturally, he suspects foul play. Eve begins to defend herself by resuming her story. Velasquez as head and leader of the region will sit and listen to Eve as she remembers for the viewer. In images she will explain how her maker was a tyrant to her. Left alone most of the time. Having decided to end her existence only to be stopped in the process by falling for Olivier. We will discover how that night went down, how she assassinated her two bodyguards. Knowing she must leave the city to escape Sven her maker, she heads back home to gather things she'll need for the trip. He surprises her there and tries to teach her a precious lesson, the true meaning of; ?Until death do us part". Only to be interrupted in his beating by another Immortal (Nigel) who also reveals some secrets, giving Eve's 200 years of existence more sense. After listening to it all Velasquez passes his judgment; Since Sven's death was accidental, but not the bodyguards and Nigel's he banishes them from Prague for ever. As a lesson, he orders for Olivier's fangs to be removed and completely drained of his blood. Eve will get Olivier back on his feet and they head out to Moscow, hoping to be in peace there. Once in Moscow, Eve receives an invitation to a Winter Solstice Ball.... (Will they attend?)

Three girls one weekend

Three child hood girlfriends get together for one weekend and a trip dow memory lane.

The story begins in an impressive office building. Travelling through the hall and up into the office of Business executive Nadine Paterson. During an important business meeting she is interrupted by a disturbing phone call that prompts her to cancel her meeting and all her appointments for the following two weeks. At a Funeral Home, two girls (Valerie, a screenwriter and Edith, a nurse and mother of three) pay their respects to their best friend's deceased father. After the ceremony, they gather for a light snack and support with their friend. During the following evening, alone at home, Nadine goes through a box of odd souvenirs and decides to invite her two best girls for a weekend at her country house. The viewer take a trip down memory lane during the weekend as the three girls remember all the good times they had together and all their regrets of the things they have yet to accomplish. The memories of camp days depict Nadine and Valerie being mischievous and self assured. It gives the viewer a good understanding of their present adulthood business success. When they part after the weekend, they go back to their lives of ; Being a single mother, still single business woman and screenwriter, but the important talk they had during their weekend will prompt them in moving towards their lost childhood goals. Edith, who's overweight and has low self confidence, might finally find the love of life. Valerie, who has been too busy making a name for herself in Hollywood, might finally have a baby of her own. It is all about where you put your priorities and values. Nadine, who has been working like a mad woman to built a career and make money, might finally stop long enough to find true love.

The Island

Hoping to begin a new life after their father's death, two bankrupt but determined sisters fly off to the island of Martinique to claim their last possession, a sailboat. Many surprises await them.

A funeral procession takes a coffin to its final resting place in a small village of the south of France. Two young and beautiful sisters, mourn their deceased father. On the opening of the will, they are dumbstruck to learn they are bankrupt. On the other hand they have inherited a Sailboat in the Caribbean isle of Martinique! They sell the content of the house and Domain to pay off their father's debts. Charlotte (in her mid twenties) will try to convince her young sister, Sophie (in her late teens) that soon after getting the titles to the ship; they would be back in their beloved France. A huge deception awaits them when they arrive on the island: A mix of the two sisters' imagination and worst nightmare. The pour thing is in dry ducks, left to fend for itself against the natural elements. It needs A LOT of work before even thinking of putting it back into the ocean. With great determination and newly found strength and maturity, Charlotte the oldest, will hire the necessary help to restore the boat to sailing and proper working conditions. Enrolled in high school Sophie will complete her school year with the help of her new best friend. When the man Charlotte hired to sand and paint the boat shows up, her heart skips a beat. Franco, a beautiful young, Italian will slowly step forward, inviting her and the young Sophie for a day out to the Volcano then a second ?'date'' at the beach. Slowly gaining both sister's trust and love. Safe after the passage of a devastating hurricane, Franco will reveal who he really is.

L'existence précède l'essenc

Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche d'un réalisateur et/ou d'un producteur pour ce scénario. N'hésitez pas à me contacter via ce site. Thomas. Dans la France contemporaine, Paris, jeune homme de 25 ans, vient de se séparer de sa copine, son premier et unique amour. Cette rupture sera le déclencheur d'un voyage initiatique où il devra chercher et trouver sa nouvelle place dans un triangle composé d'expériences, de libertés et de plaisirs, le tout sous fond d'allégories à la mythologie grecque, comme pour en justifier l'héritage évident de notre monde occidental. On différenciera d'ailleurs l'orthographe « Paris » de notre héros, à celui de « Pâris » faisant référence au héros mythologique. Comme enfermé depuis des années dans un dédale protecteur duquel il va soudainement s'échapper, Paris va découvrir le monde et se découvrir par rapport à ce dernier. Il se brulera cependant les ailes à s'approcher trop près de certaines limites. Rejeté par une jeunesse à laquelle il ne s'identifie déjà plus, et refusant le morne et monotone statut d'adulte, Paris, accompagné de son dionysiaque ami Sylvain personnalisation du dieu Pan, ou encore de Pénélope sa meilleure amie, se découvrira être à la fois Ulysse (par l'expérience), Pâris (pour le plaisir) et même Sisyphe (au destin tragique et donc paradoxe à la liberté). Mais de liberté ou de destinée la frontière reste floue. Car si le titre de l'oeuvre : « L'existence précède l'essence » fait directement référence à l'existentialisme sartrienne qui définit que l'on nait puis que l'on devient ce qu'on est, Homère ne manquera pas de rappeler au le milieu de l'oeuvre que « La liberté ne peut exister pour des héros, autant qu'ils furent immenses, s'ils sont de papier ». Notre héros Paris sera-t-il rattrapé par son destin, ou en deviendra t'il le maitre ?