113 Scenarios

Fashion Kills

Lea Chambers gets killed during her first fashion show but will have to find who did it to move on.

The end of a Fashion Show, a girl in her mid-twenties, Lea walks out from behind the curtains closing off the backstage area. She walks down the catwalk to face the photographers, TV crew and reporters along with fashion fans massing before the stage. She takes the flowers handed out to her. Smiling, she waves, thanks everyone and leaves the stage with the models. The show is a success. Her headache being so intense, the now famous fashion designer takes a few minutes alone in her makeshift office. She eats a few chocolates, takes pain medication for her head, drinks some bottled water and drops dead. Forensic Investigators retrace the evening and try to identify the killer. They question everyone present that may have a motive, bag evidences. They dig in her past to find a jealous co-worker willing to kill for success and fame. We'll retrace her chance beginning as a seamstress's helper for the summer that turns out to be a real passion for her. She pushes her new passion further, takes the pattern making classes, begins to draw and designs some beautiful creations on her own time. Making friends with one of the teacher at the House of Couture, she pushes forward, working hard and late at night when she should be sleeping and resting. The lab and coroner will identify the murder weapon: Arsenic Crystals. A few weeks before Fashion Week in Paris, the Head Designer, falls hill all of a sudden. His creations cannot be presented. They need a replacement, naturally everyone thinks that Lea's teacher will be chosen, she has talent and experience. To everyone's surprise, the owner of Doré Couture chooses Lea's designs to be presented. She has seen how hard Lea is working and recognizes the dedication and passion she has for her work. As the investigation moves forward, clues will surface linking the sick designer to the killer with traces of Arsenic having been found in his blood samples. Eventually, the investigators will find how the poison was given to Lea and to the Top designer in the hospital, why and by whom. Case solved!