80 Scenarios

The Island

Hoping to begin a new life after their father's death, two bankrupt but determined sisters fly off to the island of Martinique to claim their last possession, a sailboat. Many surprises await them.

A funeral procession takes a coffin to its final resting place in a small village of the south of France. Two young and beautiful sisters, mourn their deceased father. On the opening of the will, they are dumbstruck to learn they are bankrupt. On the other hand they have inherited a Sailboat in the Caribbean isle of Martinique! They sell the content of the house and Domain to pay off their father's debts. Charlotte (in her mid twenties) will try to convince her young sister, Sophie (in her late teens) that soon after getting the titles to the ship; they would be back in their beloved France. A huge deception awaits them when they arrive on the island: A mix of the two sisters' imagination and worst nightmare. The pour thing is in dry ducks, left to fend for itself against the natural elements. It needs A LOT of work before even thinking of putting it back into the ocean. With great determination and newly found strength and maturity, Charlotte the oldest, will hire the necessary help to restore the boat to sailing and proper working conditions. Enrolled in high school Sophie will complete her school year with the help of her new best friend. When the man Charlotte hired to sand and paint the boat shows up, her heart skips a beat. Franco, a beautiful young, Italian will slowly step forward, inviting her and the young Sophie for a day out to the Volcano then a second ?'date'' at the beach. Slowly gaining both sister's trust and love. Safe after the passage of a devastating hurricane, Franco will reveal who he really is.